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At B&H, the boys have always been in to performance tuning and racing motorcycles.

In October 2014 Boz decided he wanted try out some sprint and drag racing with his Harley ! So along with his mate Siege, they gave it their first go up at dakota raceway on a run what ya brung event in smeatharpe. See Below !

Boz did several events like this on his Proper F.K.N Davidson Street Bike with his top time of 11.45 seconds for 1/4 mile and  absolutly loved it, but wanted to do it again but a bit more seriously and get those times down, so decided to build his own drag bike from scratch.

After many hours of building his own frame and tweaking and modifying a Harley Davidson 883 sportster engine, Gonzalez the drag bike was built.

With much determination Boz has been improving on his times with putting many hours in to modifying his bike. The times have been decreasing and running on pump fuel he has managed to run a 10.3 second 1/4 mile at 125mph ! and with time hoping to get in to the 9 second bracket.



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