RevTech DFO
Optimize your fuel injection without the need for expensive dyno tuning! Developed by Mark Dobeck, the inventor of the original Jet Kit, the DFO allows you to quickly dial in your engine’s fuel delivery, whether on a stock bike, or with free flowing air filter and/or exhaust added. Installation
takes less than an hour and adjustments are made by the simple turn of a screwdriver. A little experimentation produces results you can feel, whether simply removing a lean hiccup or flat spot on your stock bike or maximizing the effect of your aftermarket exhaust. Simple screwdriver dial-in.
Provides crisper throttle response. Three range adjustable fuel delivery curve. Compact size, only 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 3/4", allows convenient mounting.
Simple, reliable, and excellent for expert mechanics or do-it-yourselfers! New DFO HP provides additional tuning capabilities for highly modified engines.


How it works

The RevTech DFO modifies the outgoing signal from the ECU to your injectors, increasing the duration of the spray of fuel, thereby richening the mixture. Adjustable pots allow you to add fuel where it is needed over three areas of the rev range. A fourth pot allows you to set a transition point from light-load cruise to high-fuel performance mode. This allows both basic tuning and more sophisticated fine-tuning for specific racing situations. The transition feature also has a load sensitive function that overrides the base rpm setting to allow an earlier crossover whenever large throttle openings are introduced at low rpm's. If, while operating in the light load/cruise mode, the DFO detects a rapid opening of the throttle, a pre-determined amount of additional fuel is added to further increase throttle response and acceleration beyond what a factory fuel map will deliver.


Part no. 601198

RevTech Stealth DFO HP for 07-13 Sportster Models

The Stealth DFO HP has OEM-style connectors for an effortless installation and allows for more fuel to be added for applications with high-compression engines putting out 90 or more horsepower.


RevTech DFO XL 90+HP Tuning Module for Sportsters

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