Proper Every Day Performance From Yoru Harley Davidson

Is your Harley lacking the power it used to have? Does it cough and splutter when the throttle is opened? Does it make loads of noise but you just can’t quite get that speeding ticket you always wanted? Or has it been sat idle in the garage for some time? If yes, then it sounds like your Harley would greatly benefit from our proper setup/tune up service.

To start with, fuel quality these days is pretty bad, and it will go stale in your carburettor/injection system/fuel tank if left unattended for some time. Such is particularly common when left over the winter season.

Next is intake manifold sealing. Over time the seals will break down and cause unwanted air to get into the engine, causing lean mixtures and bad running.

Next is the actual jetting/tune up of the carburettor/injection system. In some cases, when aftermarket air cleaner’s/exhaust systems have been fitted nothing has been done to the fuel system to correct the already too lean factory emissions restricted fuel curve. This combined with the above issues will make for a very rough running/bad performing engine.

So we aim to fix all of these problems in one hit. We start by stripping the intake system and thoroughly clean every part of it. Then we replace all the seals/gaskets and fit a recalibration kit to the carb with a base setting on jetting for your particular setup based on our experience. If its fuel injected, then we can fit an FP3 unit or a digital fuel optimizer from Revtech. Then we set it up on the road where the actual riding is done for smoothest running, best throttle response, and best power. This makes a massive difference to your bike and it will perform better, start better, run smoother, and in some cases get better MPG.

Of course there are other things that may need addressing with any particular bike based on our experience with all types of components. But this is by far the most common issue we find.

This is what proper everyday performance from your Harley is all about.

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